Snowing like crazy, the weatherman Say’s “3 storms in a row” At this rate we will be snowed in till spring. Well I guess that would not be so bad as long as I could get to my barn and see my sheep.

I love how the cold weather and snow make’s everyone silly.picture-153The sheep are funny when it’s snowing they run and kick up their back leg’s. I watch them for hours just enjoying the snow.

The geese and chickens are crazy to. They can stay in the barn if they want, they come out instead. The geese come out to be a pest to all of us I think. They for some reason think they are Boss. The barn is nice and warm and they have heated water buckets this year. 5 bran new ones. ( thank god I wont have to pick away the ice this year.)

Okay well some like the snow and cold. I just am not one of thoes people. I know the children like it, I use to but now I’m getting older and cant stand the cold.

When I am not out in the barn I am in reading my sheep books or knitting. (after the chores are done of course)


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